This Tarot is a modern deck of cards that combines classical symbols with a contemporary look. The deck took 3.5 years of constant work to create - I thoughtfully illustrated each card to make sure that the original meaning of the cards would be interpreted correctly. The consideration of architectural proportions is authentic (e.g. the golden ratio in areas and spirals), with the alignment and coloring made according to the cabalistic tree of life.

These artistic and harmonious proportions could already be found in the famous Tarot of Marseille (16th century), which is still considered a masterpiece of tarot decks today, despite the countless versions available.
The Tarot shown here contains the correct proportions and symbols that help the viewer to gain real insight. According to these benchmarks, the most successful tarots ever created, such as the Tarot de Marseille, the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, the Tarot of BOTA or the Toth Tarot by Crowley.

The lesser arcana of this Tarot was also created using the correct proportions. The choice of color for the Ace - 10 also originates in the four cabalistic worlds. The face cards are geared to the trestle of the cabalistic Tree of Life, which plays a decisive role when it comes to interpreting them.